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Blood Furnace boss event now with ExtraHardSauce(tm)

Dan O'Halloran

Patch 2.1 had a few hidden surprises for players. Among them is the increase in difficulty of the Broggok event in Blood Furnace.

For those of you not familiar with this boss fight, here's a quick overview. Big floating-eye poison-dropping tentacle-waving boss guy can't be touched until you take out four waves of Fel Orcs first. With a mix of elites and non-elites in each wave, these orcs were hard, but not crazy hard. After the last one dies, you can face off against Broggok who isn't as difficult as the orcs before him.

The problem with this event is that your group's casters were usually out of mana at the end of the Fel Orc part of the event. Though Broggok isn't crazy tough, he isn't a pushover with zero healing mana available for the fight either. A typical strategy was using some form of crowd control on the last orc in the last wave to allow you group to regen mana before triggering the boss.

But with the last patch, the game has a new twist.

Now the four waves of Fel Orcs are all elites. Making the mana issue even tougher. On top of that, Broggok may appear on a timer instead of after the last orc dies, making crowd control for mana regen no longer workable.

So what's a player to do? Wait until they are so high level that the zone is trivial? Try to kill the orc waves fast enough to have time to regen mana before Broggok engages? Bring along every fearing Warlock, mind controlling Priest or polymorphing Mage you can get your hands on? What do you suggest?

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