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Lost Odyssey update squeaks out of Famitsu

Justin McElroy

Have you ever been awakened with a start, unable to sleep until you check some seemingly insignificant detail? Maybe you needed to see if the front door was locked or make sure the coffee pot was off. We had something exactly like that last night, except we needed to see if the background music for Lost Odyssey had been completed. Thankfully, IGN was there to cater to our whim and allow us to return to our stacking of Zs. Oh, it has, by the way.

Sure, there's other info here, cribbed from a recent issue of Famitsu, like the fact that the game's packaging has also been finished, though Mistwalker is still tweaking gameplay. We're happy to hear that things are moving along, if only because it brings us closer to being able to sleep through the night.

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