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Vodafone gives flat-rate data pricing to British customers

Brian White

We're huge fans of flat-rate wireless data plans (and, umm, unlimited plans too). After all, both normal handsets and smartphones can suck up 40 megabytes of data easily with steaming TV and radio, right? Vodafone's UK arm has finally gotten the message and has launched flat-rate data bundles to compete with O2 and Orange, which have offered flat-rate data plans for some time. Pricing starts at £7.50 per month for 120 megabytes of data transfer, with additional usage charged at the rate of £1 per day above that limit. Of course, with T-Mobile giving contract customers 1 gigabyte of data for £7.50 per month, is Voda's new offering really competitive? Where are the unlimited data plans? Vodafone gave mixed signals when asked why it took so long to offer flat-rate data plans, and also indicated that it would be discouraging the use of VoIP and instant messaging in its data bundles. We'll stick to our unlimited, use-it-any-way-you-want plans here in the U.S.


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