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Harmonix wants to know what you'd Rock Band to


Harmonix has posted an open letter to future rockers asking what they'd like to see in their upcoming title Rock Band. Other than letting us know that the Rock Band guitar will be modeled after the Fender Stratocaster, we really don't know much more about the title. Obviously, the song list isn't complete yet and they need our help. We'll give them song ideas as long as they promise to keep the peripheral prices in check.

Now remember, as much as Harmonix might read our comments to see what people suggest, it's probably best to officially submit them directly. Things we'd like to see are contemporary, but a little off the beaten path. The fear with Rock Band is that because MTV and EA are involved, it's going to be all, like, Total Request Live (is that show still on?). How about some Cake, Beck and Scissor Sisters? Thankfully, Harmonix has always been good about including local Boston bands (their offices are in Cambridge, Ma) in their games to keep some true indie flavor in the mix. We're sure you all have suggestions -- let em rip! But remember, submit them on the official Rock Band site to have some chance of making it count.

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