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Stan Lee to develop video games, superheroes for Disney

Kevin Kelly

Stan Lee has signed a new development deal with Disney to create characters that will be the basis for video games, films, televisions shows, comic books, breakfast cereals, and pencil toppers. Great news, right? You're talking about the man who created The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, the X-Men, and others, after all. However, this is the same guy who brought us Stripperella and a lot of other forgettable characters over the past several years, so it's tough to rally behind this and shout joy to the heavens.

According to the article at Gamespot, "Lee will be bringing about 20 new characters into the world initially, including El Lobo, Chameleon, Thunder Rider, Whirlwind, Doubleman, Nightbird, and Blaze." He already has plans for 40 more, and has filing cabinets filled with "millions" of ideas. Seriously, Doubleman? Nightbird? Isn't there already a Nightbird character in The Specials? We honestly hope something good comes out of all this, but we seriously hope it's not a Stripperella video game for the Wii.

Here's a couple of freebies, Stan! How about Quadruple Boy and Evening Lass? No charge.

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