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Church of England threatens Sony with lawsuit


The church that Henry VIII created is thinking about suing Sony for featuring Manchester Cathedral in Resistance: Fall of Man. The Church of England is offended, six months after the game's release, that there is a shoot-out in the cathedral's nave (fancy way of saying "in the middle" of the church). Sony says they got permissions where it was required for the game. The Church says Sony didn't ask permission and they want an apology and the removal of the game from store shelves ... or they're gonna sue Sony, sucka!

The Bishop of Manchester, the Rt Revd Nigel McCulloch says it was "highly irresponsible" for Sony to feature the cathedral in the game because Manchester is known to have a gun problem. But, he does say that they did "re-create one of our great cathedrals with photo-realistic quality." So, all in all, it's almost a back-handed compliment. Then the Very Revd Rogers Govender says, "We are shocked to see a place of learning, prayer and heritage being presented to the youth market as a location where guns can be fired." Oh mercy.

Sony told The Times newspaper that Resistance uses "game-created footage, it is not video or photography." And they go on to say that it is entertainment and not based in reality, they "sought permission where necessary." Well, this oughta help sell a few copies of the game and a couple PS3s. Maybe it'll even get a few people to check out the church. Good show Church of England, good show.

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