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Widget Watch: Tumblr widget 2.0

David Chartier

Tumblr is a unique 'tumble blog' service that gives users a no hassles, no frills blog, and a simple bookmarklet with which to quickly post text, videos, pictures and even chats. For those who feel Blogger or WordPress are a little much to manage, or if you simply don't feel like you have that much to say but you find as much (if not more) cool stuff across the web as the typical dorm-bound student, Tumblr's services might be right up your alley.

If Tumblr's official bookmarklet isn't always your blogging tool of choice, however, there are a few other options on the table, including the recently updated Tumblr widget 2.0. Offering a simple title + body UI, this widget should make it easy to send off your quotes, links (the widget accepts HTML) and chat quotes.

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