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Dish Network intros ViP222 multiroom HD receiver

Darren Murph

We know, the bulk of you eying this have no use for an HD set-top-box sans a hard drive, but for those that are interested in a simple multiroom receiver that supports HD, the ViP222 has finally arrived. While this item has been in the backroom for some time now, Dish Network has just now gone official with it. The device is an MPEG4 dual-tuner receiver "capable of delivering programming to two separate rooms, one in HD and the second in standard definition." Put simply, it's supposed to be the ViP622 minus the hard drive, or said another way, an upgrade to the ViP211. As expected, this box won't have any troubles tuning into any of Dish's HD channels or your local HD offerings, and it also includes on-screen caller ID and the ability to function with DishHOME services. Unfortunately, we've no idea how much this new box will run current or new subscribers, but it shouldn't be too tough to snag for next to nothing if you're just signing up.

[Via Multichannel News]

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