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Dopod plans half dozen models for China in 2H07

Chris Ziegler

Digitimes reports that HTC subsidiary Dopod has six models in the pipe for China (all manufactured by HTC, we'd assume) for the second half of this year, matching the number of devices launched there in the first half. Word has it the six are codenamed Athena-c, Cruiser, Kunlun, Nike-c, Elf, and Sedna-c; most of those names we've heard before, and we figure the "-c" suffix indicates some level of customization for the Chinese market. In fact, the only two that are new to us are "Kunlun" and "Sedna," and yes, we're already a little jealous that HTC has something cookin' for a foreign market that we don't know about. Hopefully, details will start to fall in the place on those in the next few weeks as we roll into 2H.

[Via Pocket PC Thoughts]

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