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Metaliveblogging the WWDC Keynote


This year, TUAW doesn't have a live feed into the WWDC keynote. Instead, we bring you this metaliveblog--a live blogging event of other live blogs. We hope you enjoy.

Content sources include Engadget, and Mac Rumors Live as well as any last-second live feeds from TUAW readers on the spot.

9:50. tap. tap. Is this thing on? Welcome to the TUAW metaliveblog, brought to you by the letters "W", "W", "D" and "C".

9:52. Everyone is getting seated and the room is packed.

10:00. The audio has gone live over at iPhone Alley--but it's really really hard to hear.

10:01. Video. PC Guy pretends to be Steve. Lots of audience laughter.

10:04. Welcome to WWDC07. Biggest WWDC ever. Over 5000 attendees. 950000 ADC members. Over 200K joined just this last year.

10:06. Intel transition. Moving to Intel was one of the most challenging transitions ever. Steve congratulates developers for going Universal Binary. Intel CEO introduced.

10:08. Electronic Arts coming back to the Mac. Steve introduces EA dude. EA dude talks: List of software coming to the Mac, including Need for Speed, Battlefield 2142, Command & Conquer, and a bunch of Harry Potter titles among others. Demos bit about the Great Hall at Hogwarts. (Kinda loses something in the audio-only version.)

10:10. US Apple Store is down.

10:13. Graphics and textures. Introduces John Carmack."We've been working secrecy on the next generation technology--and this is the first time we've shown it." Can change textures, shading and so forth.

10:17. Today we give you a final look at Leopard. Tiger already ahead of the competition. 22 Million active OS X Users, with 67% using OS 10.4, 23% using Panther, 10% older OS X (and my 4-year-old who still lives in OS 9.2). 21 months separated Tiger and Leopard. Much easier to develop software. 300 New Leopard features--will focus today on 10.

Demo 1. The desktop Key points; NEW menu bar, NEW dock, NEW "Stacks". Desktop is now more suited to your own digital photos. The dock swoops out over the new pictures. The new semi-transparent menu bar and the new "stacks"feature help you clean up your desktop (presumably on top of "Spaces"). Stacks will fan out from the dock or pop up in a grid. The default stack "Downloads" stays in the dock.

10:23. Demoing the download stack The newest documents goes onto the front of the stack. Stacks can be app launchers. Stacks can organize your files. Stacks use Core Animation.

10:25 Now EASY to share files with other users. With new Finder in Leopard. This is the new way. Much cleaner--share all your documents with everyone else. Got lots of computers around your house. "Back to my Mac" shares even when you're not on the same local network. It works like sharing in iTunes.

10:27. Sidebar Sidebar contains shared items from your local network. Just one click to see stuff from today.

10:29. Big Ooooooooh from audience, obscuring audio feed. Hold on as I figure out what just went down.

10:29. dotMac knows your computer's IP address And dotMac serves as hub to allow you to find your computer. Now opening up share...

10:30. Use Cover Flow on documents Move through pages of PDF. Also cover flow on video. Also keynote slides. (i.e. Coverflow has been extended beyond iTunes to provide the same browsing features for all sorts of media.) You can also browse another Mac over the network using Cover Flow.

10:30 New tab in dotMac. You can push "start" and find, for example, your Mac Pro at work. More demo of finding things using "shared" and finding them on other Macs.

10:35. Boom. Audience member stands up and shouts "BINGO!"

Feature #3. Quick Look Instantly preview files and you don't have to open up their Applications. Works with all popular file types, and plug-in modules are available for developers. Provides live file previews for text, images, PDF, etc. Demo. (Finds a PDF, hits space bar, and preview appears in window without launching a viewer app.)

10:37. As you would expect: QuickLook expands from all finder views Icon view, list view, column view, and the new Cover Flow view.

10:38. You can see how much faster it all runs Leopard is 64-bit "from top to bottom". First mainstream OS to go fully 64 bit. Leopard works with both 64 and 32 bit apps. (Dig at Vista: you don't have to buy separate OS's) Demos opening photo. Just one example of the advantage of having 64 bits. Just not in scientific computation, but more and more professional animation, photoshop, etc. Hoping this will help all those people. Every computer we ship is 64-bit capable.

10:40 #5. Core animation. Tremendous production value, with open GL, core animation, etc. Take movie and turn into interactive application. Live and interactive. Even cooler using tags. (I'm not sure what he did, but it got a lot of oooohs and aaaahs from audience.) Due to interactive nature of app, you can see full live animation. All right, so that's what I want to show you with core animation. *applause Lots of it*.

#6. Bootcamp Put out just over a year ago. Got tons of downloads. Now in Leopard, it is built in. Lets you run Windows and other OS with native speed and compatibility. No extra drivers. 3 Great ways to run Windows on a mac. Bootcamp: (most compatible, native way). Parallels VM is fantastic. And, VMWare, same thing. 3 great solutions.

#7. Spaces Run applications in separate spaces. And you can switch back and forth. And you can move applications between spaces. Break things up in to spaces. (Demo) Let me show you what's what. Running 4 spaces. I'm there...or I'm here...or I'm here. (I'm sure this is better when you see it rather than read or listen to it.) You can rearrange spaces, too. (more demoing). Can rearrange applications in spaces. (even more demoing, which once again is a lot more fun to see than read about or listen to.) Erica's bottom line: Spaces let you work on separate projects without sharing immediate screen space.

#8. Widgets/Dashcode/Dashboard You guys are writing lots of 'em. Yay you. New widget: Fandango movie times. (demo--especially loud and annoying demo.) Dashcode uses Safari to make widgets from web pages. Click on the Scissors. (demo) National Geographic Photo of the Day. There you are. Users make whatever widgets they want from whereever. Really cool thing. Dashcode.

10:52 #9. iChat! Shipped lots of cameras. iChat Theater very very cool and more. Multiple chat. Can show off Keynote slide shows. Video chat. (Starts demo.) "Hi Phil" "Hi Steve". "Let's start with iChat theater. I can show you a slideshow from iPhoto. From iChat! I can show you a keynote presentation. In iChat! With iChat theater. There are transitions, effects, etc. I can do the same thing with videos. With iChat!" Erica translates: If you record Dr Who or Life on Mars in Europe, you can now iChat me and let me watch your recordings! Kewl. With iChat! "So that's iChat theater" With iChat! Better Audio, Tabbed chats, Photo Booth effects. "And I can choose different kinds of backgrounds." With iChat! "And effects! And more fun" With iChat! (Phil does funny stuff to Steve's picture. In iChat!) "All kinds of people are going to have a lot of fun with this. (I tell you. The audience is *rolling* with laughter.)

iChat Leopard is very cool. iChat theater, etc. That's iChat and #10 is...of course...

#10. Time Machine You lose one precious photograph and you'll be very bummed. We have very special stuff on our computer. No one backs up their computer enough. We are all walking time bombs waiting for something to happen and for us to lose information or worse. This is where Time Machine helps. You don't lose your information. You tell it what you want to back up. YOu back up to a network drive or server. You can even back up wirelessly. Use an Airport Extreme base station and back up wirelessly to one drive. What happens when something goes wrong and you lose a file? Time Machine lets you go back in time. You can even restore your entire Mac. (Demo) I'm going to open Finder and search for my presentation on architecture. Oh NO! It's not there! (click click click) and THERE IT IS! The crowd is awed. Especially the guy who just shouted "Whoopie". I must have thrown out a folder mistakenly. And sure enough this is exactly what I did. There it is. I can push a button and restore it, open it in Keynote and there it is. I have found my presentation. I have saved the day. Use an inexpensive drive: firewire on Mac or connect to your base station. We think it's really important.

The top 10 new things in finder. (he goes through the list of 10). All of this are just 10 of more than 300 new Features in Leopard. And You. Will Get. A Copy. Of. It. Today. Downstairs. At the. Registration. Desk. Basic version $129. Premium version: $129. Enterprise version? $129. Ultimate version? $129. HAH! (Okay, this really did make me laugh out loud. HUGE applause.) Seriously, we have this one version of leopard and it will cost $129.

But...there IS something more... Since you are all here today. There's one other thing we want to tell you. Safari. Bigass success. Billions and billions served (no he didn't really say that.)

(TUAW comment). Somewhere on a feature list somewhere at Apple, reads the immortal line "iChat now supports Conan O'Brien Effect"

Safari on Windows. It's twice as fast as Internet Explorer. (Like that was...hard). And even faster than Firefox--providing you load the right page.

12:11. Audience goes to sleep. Steve demonstrates Safari on Windows. Welcome to 2002. Hell just acknowledged receipt of an Ice Machine. The Safari icon with the Windows logo? Looks like a compass with a bad case of psoriasis.

12:13. World domination, blah blah blah Safari Leopard and Tiger beta available today, Safari XP, Safari etc.

June 29. One more one more thing. Just 18 days away. Want to expand capabilities for developers!!!! YES! Very sweet solution. Oh yes. Innovation new way. Safari for iPhone. Most powerful for mobile device. Web 2.0 stuff. Put the code on your own server. Security of transactions, run securely on the iPhone. You've got everything you need, you can go live on June 29th.

Building your applications for the iPhone. And taking advantage of the services. Here is an iPhone. Great touchscreen. All your apps will run right here. Exactly same Safari engine running on iPhone that runs on Mac OS X and now Windows. You can do custom applications for the phone that have the look and feel of the phone. Web 2.0 and Ajax. Erica translates: Write a Web App. Back: "Same look and feel as the built in applications". Demo native contacts application. Can take advantage of built-in services. Can call directly from your Web application. Built-in Mail service, right from Application. Can use same gestures (double tap, etc). Works with built-in Maps application, and so forth. Translation: built-in Safari ties into iPhone services. Thankyouverymuch. Returns stage to Steve.

Steve: Start building your apps today. Test today on a Mac. Start with an iPhone in 16 days.

Blah blah: Enjoy WWDC and all its sessions. Blah blah. Thank you very much. Hey. Where's that John Mayer dude?

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