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Microsoft defends Pac-Man CE price


Microsoft exec. Aaron Greenberg defends the 800 MS point ($10) cost of Pac-Man Championship Edition saying that it isn't really a retro title. Although we've certainly sung the praises of this new Pac-Man with the stupid name, we are also fence sitters on this 800 price point. Greenberg said to Gamerscore blog, "Namco came to us with what they thought the content price should be and I do not disagree with it costing 800 points. There's actually a lot of work from a lot of people to bring it all together." Yeah, but it would be nice if people actually played, as Greenberg puts it, "Toru Iwatani's gift to the world," right?

The price point is really the most controversial thing about Pac-Man Championship Edition. At 800 MS points it's a good game, some people might see the logic, but most will just see *snore* Pac-Man. For 400 MS points ($5), there's no reason why everyone shouldn't get this game. At $5, it's completely worth it. So, Microsoft's gotta ask itself, does it feel lucky? Will they make more money keeping the game at the questionable 800 point mark, or could they make more at 400 points? Ah, the mysteries of the marketplace.

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