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NEC intros Aterm CA2100P WiFi router and power line adapter

Darren Murph

Just weeks after teasing us with succulent 802.11n gear, NEC is hitting back with an interesting WiFi / power line adapter combo dubbed the AtermCA2100P set. The AtermCR2500P WLAN router sports four Ethernet ports, the usual host of IP and security features, and purportedly works in conjunction with the AtermCA2100P HD-PLC wall adapter (shown after the jump) to provide a wireless extension anywhere you can find a nearby AC outlet. Additionally, NEC claims that throughput of 190Mbps is doable, but judging by the ho hum reaction to the power line alternatives that have come before it, we wouldn't be so sure. Still, the two devices can be purchased together for a price of ¥25,000 ($206), or you can pick up the router (¥20,000; $165) and HD-PLC adapter (¥13,000; $107) separately if you so desire.

[Via AkihabaraNews]

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