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Next America's Army exclusive to the 360

Dustin Burg

Yesterday, Ubisoft and Red Storm announced that upcoming sequel America's Army: True Soldier will in fact be exclusive to the Xbox 360. In an interview with Red Storm's creative director, Randy Greenback commented on why they chose to make the game exclusive to the 360 stating that, "First and foremost our experience level on the 360 is much higher, having gone through the development of GRAW and GRAW2 multiplayer. The second factor is that the installed base is much larger, which translates to a greater opportunity for a wider audience to experience the game". Awww, such kind words. The interview also touches on what new features True Soldier will include, how the team's experience on GRAW 2 has helped, and what fans can expect from the game. Make the jump for the latest dish on Xbox 360 exclusive America's Army: True Soldier.

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