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Microsoft in 'open dialogue' with ECC over disc scratching concerns

Ross Miller

It's been one week since European Commissioner for Consumers Meglena Kuneva requested information from Microsoft on the Xbox 360 disc scratching problems highlighted by an investigation by Dutch TV show Kassa.

The company released a statement saying that they "are working in an open dialogue with Commissioner Kuneva to clarify our position and all the efforts we are taking across the EU, and in fact globally, to address any consumer concerns."

However, as 1UP notes, Microsoft released a separate statement to MCV that has since been amended. That statement placed the blame on "improper use" of the Xbox 360, which involves moving the console while a disc is inside. Kassa's own report indicates that the scratching can occur if the console is switched from horizontal to vertical position, so though the user may be at fault, is the policy therefore unfair? Microsoft did retract this statement; it's unclear if they did so due to a change of heart or because implying consumer fault is just bad PR.

The statement went on to say, "As we have said previously, there is no widespread issue regarding scratched discs as is alleged by Kassa." That's a far cry from the statistical data we were hoping to see, and the subjectivity of the word "widespread" leaves Microsoft a rather large window for problems. We hope to hear more as the public investigation continues.

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