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Mio unveils seven-inch C517 DMB navigation system

Darren Murph

While Mio's range of navigation systems is figuratively all over the map, the firm's latest offering packs a screen size that would have a hard time fitting in some dashes, let alone a cargo pocket. The seven-inch WVGA LCD that dominates the C517 isn't found in too many competitors, but bringing it in at just 22-millimeters thick and weighing 0.86-pounds could help convince users that it's not all that burdensome. Additionally, you'll notice USB connectivity, audio out, a media player, built-in antenna, and support for voice commands. Of course, it does manage to pull double duty as a DMB-tuning television for those in the Korean market, but unless you're positive that this thing won't be headed out into the wilderness with you, you may want to spend your 400,000KRW ($429) elsewhere. More snapshots after the jump.

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