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Project Sylpheed demo warps onto Live


"Okay, outer space shooting games for the Xbox 360, raise your hand. What ... no one? Not one outer space shooting game? Wait, you there, in the back, what's your name? Project Slip ... sliph ... Sylpheed? What does that even mean?"

Yes, the space shooter is somewhat underrepresented on the Xbox 360 (along with platformers and RPGs). Thankfully, Microsoft has decided to rectify that situation by bringing the Game Arts developed title, Project Sylpheed to American shores (published by Square Enix in Japan). As such, Microsoft has deemed it worthy to release a demo on Xbox Live Marketplace. We don't know much about the game, other than the fact that it does indeed involve shooting things in space. The demo clocks in at just over 600MB and is available now. Has anyone managed to take it for a spin yet?

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