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Friday Video: It's-a me! On the PS2! And kind of creepy!


Normally we don't feature Playstation 2 games on Wii Fanboy (unless they're ported to the Wii, am I rite) but this week's video is all about someone we're all familiar with, looking somewhat less familiar. We're happy to feature games from other consoles when they're so reverent of our icons.

Garakuta Studio's Graffiti Kingdom allows players to make their own 3D characters for use in a platforming adventure. Someone went to the trouble of making a Mario that is almost dead-on. We say "almost" because the movements are slightly weird, but for something made in-game this is quite an achievement. It's good enough for a Graffiti Kingdom character, right? Check out the video of "Mario" doing some adventuring and some basically 3D Mario moves after the break.

And while we're talking about Graffiti Kingdom, we can't help but link to these fanmade versions of the King of All Cosmos and a weirdly accurate Razor Ramon HG-- how disturbing, as the King would say.

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