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PS3 pulls a 180: v1.81 firmware to fix RGB color space settings


Sony just patched the patch for its PlayStation 3, releasing an update to fix a problem introduced in the most recent firmware update. A less-publicized feature of the 1.80 upgrade was the ability to select RGB full or limited output via HDMI, to improve picture quality when connected to certain HDTVs. However some noticed that even when set to full, it would sometimes revert to limited by itself, which is the sole issue fixed in version 1.81. Of course, whether or not this improves picture quality is still up for debate, and there are several forum threads discussing which setting will pass BTB (blacker than black) and WTW (whiter than white) information while playing DVDs and Blu-ray movies, and with which HDTVs. Of course we've been here before, with updates to the first gen Toshiba HD DVD players and Microsoft's adjustments to its Xbox 360 VGA cable settings. Got a PS3 and a 1080p set? Get the update, a test disc or two and let us know what works best.

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