PS3 1.80 firmware is out and streaming your media

The PS3 1.8 firmware is out and making its way global in Sony's typical rolling release cycle: APAC, Europe, then the Americas. We'll be testing it ourselves later but we thought you'd like to peep the first screen shots of DLNA-enabled media sharing in the PS3's XMB interface. In this case, Hardcoreware turned on media sharing within Vista (Home Premium or Ultimate, we presume) and voila, their updated PS3 detected and played music, pictures, and video stored on their networked PC -- just like their Xbox 360. Of course, this should work on any DLNA-supported PC (yes, Macs too) or media device including PSPs when the firmware update is released next month. A nice shot in the arm for the Digital Living Network Alliance and good news for PS3 owners everywhere. Hit the read link for more pictures.