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Sony not talking about rumble


Sony has refused comment on whether a PS3 controller with rumble is coming. says that neither Sony Computer Entertainment of America nor Europe would comment on stories that began circulating last week of an impending rumble feature.

It's really such a silly story not to comment on. It's like watching someone making a cake, asking them what they're doing and they say, "Nothing." And it sure looks like that cake is vibrating. We don't know if this rumble feature is supposed to be some big Min-E3 reveal, but we're hopeful that an announcement is due soon. If so, we're wondering if Sony has a great PR message set up explaining why early adopters would want to pay for new controllers. Or maybe, and this would be shocking, Sony could set up a reasonable exchange program to send in your old Sixaxis for a new one. Yeah, sounds crazy, but at least it would diminish hard feelings.

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