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Soul Calibur IV's bountiful bouncing breasts bulge bigger


Far be it from us to besmirch or bemoan Soul Calibur's penchant for propagating polygons with puppies packed in fun pillows, but Games Radar noticed it's getting extreme. Not only that, but they've chronicled the boobilicious beauties from the Soul Calibur series and pointed to the best work of McNamara and Troy.

Although women are objectified more often in almost every visual media, as we learned this weekend, boys do not come out unscathed in the virtual world's impact on our precious psyches. And as much as we like to view mountainous mammaries, seriously ... look at those things. It's full-on Jerry Springer material and completely inefficient for fighting. At least Ivy used to have a breast plate, now it's a string top where if the blade hits it the right way her bosoms come flowing out.

We're not saying she's got to proportionally tone it down and get a full body remake like Lara Croft did for Legend, but Ivy's battling Rachel in a quest for the most ridiculous cleavage in a video game. At least Extreme Beach Volleyball keeps its breasts in context.

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