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Nintendo signs international merch deal


You know, for all of us who live outside the confines of Japan, real Nintendo merchandise is pretty scarce (or a horrible knock-off). All kinds of figurines, posters and the like are readily available in just about any shop in the country (we didn't check on the validity of such a claim, but leave us with our delusions). For us in the U.S. and other regions, we must either pay the hefty price of importing or live a bland, boring existence where we can only play Nintendo games and not live them in every aspect of our life. Oh, what a cruel world!

That is no more, though, as we're happy to announce Nintendo has teamed up with Corgi International Limited to provide us with a "multi-category range of products" until 2010. The goodies we will be able to purchase are extended to "Action Figures, Playset Environments, FX Electronic Products, Iconic Game Replicas, Multi Sized Plush, and Vinyl Figures." Personally, we can't wait until they make a life-sized Link pillow that we can hold tight while we sleep.

What? Don't act like you wouldn't!

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