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No political influence in Manhunt decision says BBFC


The BBFC claims there wasn't any political influence in today's decision banning Manhunt 2 from being sold in the UK. The board's Sue Clark tells that past incidents involving Bully (oh, sorry, Canis Canem Edit) Dead Rising and the original Manhunt had nothing to do with the decision today.

Clark says, "We are independent of government and independent of the industry and we reached this decision based on our guidelines and our concerns and not on any other basis at all." Clark even pointed out that negative press surrounding games actually encourages sales. But, she puts it quite simply, "We've rejected this game so you can't buy it legally in the UK."

Whether you agree with the BBFC's decision or not, it's interesting to watch the saga of these ratings boards. We don't know if movies like Hostel or the other hardcore horror movies have been banned in the UK, but if they haven't, that feels like a double standard.

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