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Prairie Home Companion introduces 'iGod'


It's an interesting coincidence (or... is it?) that on the same week New York magazine goes with a cover slug of 'iGod' for its Steve Jobs/iPhone article, Garrison Keillor (that handsome devil on the right) and the gang of upstanding citizens behind public radio favorite A Prairie Home Companion do a joke with an similar punchline. On the June 16th program, during the Guy Noir (PHC's resident detective) sketch, one of the characters suggests a perfect gift for Father's Day:

Tim Russel: Well, I read about this new iGod they're putting out.
Garrison Keillor: iGod?
TR: The people who put out the iPod. It plays sermons and you just delete the parts you don't like.

Hmm, sermon editing on the fly, very nice. Since my wife is going to be a rabbi, and my father-in-law was just elected bishop of his Lutheran synod, this audio player would really come in handy for me. Too bad I didn't get it for Father's Day this year!

You can read the script of the Guy Noir sketch here, or listen to it here (starts at 19:45 in).

Thanks Heidi!

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