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Red Octane says more Guitar Hero II songs coming in July


It's been a long while since the last group of downloadable songs came out for the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero II and it looks like those who are prepared to rock will need to wait just a bit longer. A post on the Red Octane site says that we'll finally get more songs come July. An administrative poster on the site by the name of Rodth says, "While nothing's been formally announced, look for something to come down the pipeline around the July timeframe."

Being as there is nothing "formally announced," we have no idea if they'll be more GH 1 rehashes or actual new songs. It's probably a safe bet that the $6.25 price tag for three songs like last time won't be changing. Although, it would be nice that the genres of the songs sync up a little better this time. At this point, all major announcements seem to have the smell of Min-E3 all over them.

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