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Sprint prepping to launch LG's "Fusic II"?


LG's original Fusic was fairly well received and reviewed, but left a little bit to be desired in the phone-as-iPod-replacement category -- and with a name like Fusic, this may have been LG's goal. Not to be dissuaded, rumor has it that LG is set to bang out a revision two handset named, you guessed it, Fusic II. The specs we peeped don't show too many changes as the screen resolution remains the same at 220 x 176, it is still rocking EV-DO, and while the camera is still only spitting out 1.3 megapixel pics, it has been relocated to the front. We don't have specifics on the handset's size, but we do hear it's weighing in at 99 grams now instead of the portly 120 grams of the original -- and smaller, thinner, and lighter are three things we definitely adore. Release is apparently slated for "Mid 2007" and you can be sure we'll be back before then with more info.

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