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Breakfast Topic: Three WoW wishes

Amanda Rivera

Acks posted an interesting thread in the forums. He asked players to list what their three wishes would be if a WoW genie suddenly appeared to them in a wish-granting mood. While some of the wishes were interesting -- Acks own desire to weild one-handed fish weapons, for instance -- some of them were more along the lines of wanting basic changes to the game mechanics.

I am personally intrigued by the concept of one wisher's wanting seige weapons in the game. It certainly would change the game as far as world PvP is concerned. Or how about the idea of the free for all server? I would definitely keep my cherished items in the bank instead of toting around a bag of primals on my person.

Now, I put this question to you readers. What would you wish for if you were given three WoW wishes? And no, there is no wishing for more wishes.

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