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Making the Web a Better Place for iPhone


Even though the true nature of the iPhone's capabilities when it comes to browsing the Web have yet to be confirmed or denied, a group of eager web developers, designers, and other enterprising folks are anticipating the iPhone's impending release. Not only that, they are already planning an event to help improve the Web browsing experience for all users of the device. According to Apple Insider, the free event, dubbed the iPhone Developers Camp, will feature an agenda of classes and seminars aimed at "making the Web a better place for Apple, Inc.'s upcoming mobile handset."

So, if you're a developer, a designer, an interested party who wants to help out or you just want to see a bunch of people with using iPhones in the wild, you may want to mark July 6-8 on your calendar and plan on attending the event. For more info, there's always the event's official site. I admit to not knowing a whole bunch about developing Web applications or designing anything of real value, but as someone who will definitely be getting an iPhone as soon as I possibly can, having the best possible Web browsing experience while using it sounds like a great thing to me.

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