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Microsoft wants some of that money that Sony gave Immersion

Colin Torretta

In one of the weirder twists in the Sony/Immersion saga, Microsoft has sued Immersion, claiming breach of contract over their settlement with Sony. According to the lawsuit, Microsoft is owed a certain amount of the money that Sony paid Immersion earlier this year to settle the long running force-feedback lawsuit. And not a small amount of money either, as explained by Immersion in their rebuttal to Microsoft's claims:

"Immersion is obligated to pay Microsoft a minimum of $15.0 million for any amounts received from Sony up to $100.0 million, plus 25% of any amounts over $100.0 million up to $150.0 million, and 17.5% of any amounts over $150.0 million."

In addition, Microsoft also wants Immersion to pay a variety of other fees including damages and attorney fees. Immersion feels rather strongly that they shouldn't have to pay though and say they are willing to fight it, so it looks like they're going back to court. And considering it took them four years to finish the lawsuit with Sony, it doesn't bode well that this will be a quick trial. What's next? Nintendo sues Microsoft for suing Immersion over suing Sony?

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