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T-Mobile@Home to launch on June 27?

Chris Ziegler

It's been a minute or two in the making, but it looks like T-Mobile's UMA rollout -- the first for a national US carrier -- could finally be around the corner. Boy Genius Report has come across some pretty authentic-looking documents detailing the "@Home" service launch, suggesting that it'll roll out next Wednesday, June 27 (probably for the best they don't try it two days later) with the Nokia 6086 and Samsung t409 doing duty as the launch handsets. Here's where it gets good, though: the marketing campaign will apparently involve commercials featuring some bathrobe-clad dude named Jimmy. T-Mobile's really taking Jimmy to heart, asking its in-store reps to dress up in Jimmy's bathrobe's for the few days after @Home's launch, culminating in a July 3 contest where eleven stores across the country offer free @Home phones, routers, and service to the first 100 similarly dressed customers. This should be... interesting.

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