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Hidden Windows BSOD in Leopard beta


Oh Apple devs, you are so funny. In a move that's sure to bring on the flames from the Mac vs. PC crowd, it looks like Leopard's developers have left this little jokey joke in Leopard's Finder that's been making the rounds-- when a Windows share becomes unreachable or fails to connect appears in the Finder (apparently this is the default for a PC view, thanks commenters), the image that shows up is none other than the BSOD. Sure, Apple, kick 'em when they're down.

We're not sure if this is something that's just a placeholder in the beta, or if it's a real easter egg that will be in the final copy of Leopard (doubtful, despite the fact that it would make diehard Mac users chuckle every time they saw it while trying to hook up to a Windows share), but either way, take it for what it is right now, a joke, and laugh.

[ Thanks Allen**-- via Wired ]

**And also Big Dave, who kindly sent this to us exclusively. Unfortunately, we were dazzled by the new iPhone videos at the time and missed his tip, but credit where credit is due. Thanks, Dave!

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