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What mob do you love to hate?

Ryan Carter

So many times, I am silently cruising through a forest, down the beach, or up the hills and I hear that tell-tale gurgle. The sound makes my skin crawl, no doubt about it, a Murloc has found me. Oh how I loathe them, they creep me out. I'm not really sure what it is about them, I just hate to be attacked by this man-fish-frog-lizard thing that owned me so many times as a youngling in Elwynn all those levels ago.

Perhaps it is my bad experience as a lowbie that leaves me with a profound dislike for the little buggers, but it doesn't matter, I hate them all the same. No offense to Blizzard, the creature model is fantastic in all the colors of the rainbow, but everyone has an arch-nemesis, mine is definitely the Murloc. As I level I grow more confident in my ability to dispatch them with ease, but the hate doesn't seem to dissipate. Perhaps I have journeyed to the dark side?

A guildie of mine says that Murlocs are simply misunderstood, and that no one takes the time to see them for the peaceful hut-dwelling beach creatures they are. Come to think of it I never really thought to have a tea party with them, I've heard they like crumpets. I guess if I wasn't always raiding their camps for some type of quest, they wouldn't get so angry at me for stealing random objects from them. Maybe I should be more sympathetic to the plight of today's not-quite-so-endangered species like the Murloc. I do love tagging them on Azuremyst Isle. I also do enjoy a good bit of Murloc-tipping late at night occasion.

Is it just me, or do you also have a mob you just love to hate, and if so, why? Is Hogger on your list too? Maybe there should be a guild, "murloc nemesis." I would join faster than you could say grrrrrllgrgrlgrlglr!

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