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Credit Suisse: Vodafone likely to carry (3G?) iPhone in Europe


According to a Credit Suisse research note, Vodafone is the frontrunner to carry sole rights to the iPhone in Europe due to their coverage in most European markets. Fine, we've heard this before. The difference this time, however, is an accompanying "confirmation" of a mostly done-deal by way of anonymous Vodafone sources to Europe's Bright Magazine. The story is also being carried by Europe's mainstram media including reputable Dutch news site, Of course, if Apple's going to sell 6 million European iPhones in the next 3 years as expected by Credit Suisse, then you can bet that little slab will be sporting a 3G radio for data-happy Europe. Apple already promised Europe an iPhone in Q4 and, funny enough, 5 million units of the 2nd generation iPhone are rumored to begin shipping from Taiwan in September. Surely, Stevie boy won't release a 3G iPhone in Europe without spreading the love Stateside will he? But let's not get too far ahead ourselves, mkay, it's all just speculation heaped upon rumor at this point.

[Via MacDailyNews, thanks Beef S. and William M.]

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