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Sarotech's Cutie Bio portable HDD sports fingerprint scanner

Darren Murph

Cute though it may be, Sarotech's Cutie Bio portable hard drive is downright serious about data protection. Not one to let a lingering stranger peek beneath its dazzling shell, this pocket-friendly drive touts a built-in fingerprint scanner to protect the owner from spying eyes should it become lost or stolen. Additionally, the drive is built to handle drops and shocks as the head parks itself in freefall, and the USB 2.0 connection ensures speedy transfers when in a rush. Inside, you'll find a 2.5-inch 100GB hard drive just hankering for piles upon piles of juicy information, and this uber-protective device will run you ???150,000 ($162) whenever it lands in South Korea.

[Via AVing]

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