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TimeShift multiplayer: name your own mode

Nick Doerr

Shooting stuff in slow motion isn't as original as it was way back in Max Payne days. That's why TimeShift is making that now "meh" function the focus of its gameplay, promising to breathe new life into time altering mechanics. We gave you a pretty comprehensive look at the game a while back, but we skipped over the multiplayer details. Now we have them, so we'll give them to you.
  • Customization: you can create and name your own play modes, so if you want a no-gravity knife match, you can call it "Space Shiv" or something. The customization also presents ways to level the playing field. Sorry, "spawn camping whores," but you won't get kills that way in this game.
  • Implementing time mechanics is still shaky, but it'll play like some kind of rock-paper-scissors. Using "slow" should trump "reverse" while reverse trumps "stop" ... full circle, "stop" trumps "slow." So it's Reverse -> Stop -> Slow -> Reverse. At this point in time, at least.
It's not much detail yet, but from the excitement the dev team over at Saber Interactive, they believe in it strongly. It might be the most customizable multiplayer shooter ever. We'll see!

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