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Hitachi's Reel60 processing technology eliminates 'judder'

Darren Murph

Expanding a bit on the Reel60 technology first unveiled in a trio of 1080p sets from Hitachi, the company has reportedly developed a system that eliminates the "mismatch between the motion of films seen in a movie theater and the way that same motion appears on television." Dubbed "judders," these jagged edges will reportedly no longer be apparent on select Hitachi sets, as the Reel60 technology perfects the 3:2 pulldown process by "creating interpolated frames based on the original film images." Interestingly, it wasn't mentioned whether Hitachi would be holding on to its newfangled discovery or licensing it out to other manufacturers, but if anyone feels like coughing up the dough to pick up a P50V701, P50X901, or P60X901, be sure to test it out and sound off below.

[Via DealerScope]

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