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Raon Digital Everun UMPC previewed on video

Darren Murph

Earlier this month, Raon Digital's Everun was seen gracing the hands of an oh-so-lucky dame overseas, but now the fine looking UMPC has gotten a bit more personal thanks to a hands-on preview of the unit over at UMPCPortal. The AMD LX900-based production sample did lack an HSDPA module and the coveted SSD, but those two tidbits couldn't hold back the wave of commendation this unit received. The machine was highly praised for being comfortable, well-spec'd, and fluid when operating, and while we aren't apt to believe that all those first-generation UMPC problems were magically worked out on this sucka just yet, it's good to see positive results this early on. Without further ado, click on through for a couple of preview videos, and get ready for these things to start shipping out "sometime next month."

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