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Sennheiser PXC 450 review roundup

Nilay Patel

We first saw Sennheiser's noice-cancelling PXC 450 cans at CES, and while the company missed its March ship date by a couple months, it looks like it was worth the wait -- the first reviews are pretty positive, apart from the price. PC Mag says the sound quality "blows away" its Bose Quiet Comfort rivals, although the low-end is a little exaggerated for audiophile tastes. The Talk Through mic worked as advertised, and even the styling won praise -- rare for a pair of big cans. CNET felt the same way, raving about the crisp high end, excellent noise reduction, and passive operation capability. Overall, it seems like Sennheiser has a winner on its hands -- if it would just do something about that fat $450 price tag.

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