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Shyno SMS t-shirt, text the ones you love


Shyno of Milan has come up with a unique way to send messages of love or hate to strangers you spy wearing one of its SMS shirts. When you pick up the SMS shirt at a retailer that carries them -- we're thinking Italy only -- you receive a card with a code to register your t-shirt's unique id and mobile number on the Shyno site. Now when you are out clubbing, at the beach or what not all a shy admirer has to do is simply fire off an SMS to short-code 48200 with the number emblazoned on the back of your shirt, their words of adoration, and presto, the message is delivered to your cell. We're totally seeing this as a fun thing at festivals and the like to help get in touch with folks you just have to meet, we hope to see this idea over here soon.


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