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Remote controlled VS Tanks engage in small-scale warfare

Darren Murph

Nothing like full-on tank warfare to release the pent up frustration from waiting in line all day to acquire an iPhone, right? The remote controlled VS Tanks kit consists of two infrared-enabled machines, two controllers (that eerily resemble those on the Atari Jaguar, to be honest), and a battlefield. Each tank sports a rotating turret, a sweet "super spin" move for times when only a spray 'n pray maneuver will do, a machine gun, and flashing LEDs to show when you've been hit. Each unit fires out AirSoft pellets and can be equipped with an "action cam" to record the carnage for future viewing, and while the £50 ($100) set may cater to the younger crowd, even the suits can't deny the rush experienced when gunning your opponent down on the field. Peep a demonstration video after the break.

[Via Coolest-Gadgets]

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