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A compilation of suggestions

David Bowers

Until today, it had been a very long time since I visited the suggestions forum. I remember the last time well... long long ago, with a character far far too ugly, I posted this awesome new idea: "Why not make some kind of beauty parlor that lets us change our characters' appearance! Wouldn't that be neat?" Little did I know that it had already been suggested lots of times before. It's one of the suggestions they get most often, in fact, but it's still anybody's guess as to whether they'll actually implement it or not.

I might have offered up more brilliant ideas, but the fact that I could never get an official Blizzard response there discouraged me. Besides, realizing that my first great idea wasn't all that new made me think "well someone's probably suggested all that before."

So today I just poked my head in at the suggestions forum on a whim. I discovered that the only stickied suggestion there, other than the "welcome" post, is a compilation of suggestions designed to help us realize what's been suggested before, and start thinking of something new. It has everything from UI improvements to oft-suggested expansion ideas. It's updated to a certain extent (patch 2.0) and after skipping over the 4 or 5 paragraphs beseeching people not to post their suggestions in that thread, I noticed a lot of the ideas I had were there, as well as some that I'd never thought of before. Below are a few of the ideas which struck me as most interesting:

  • Racial talent trees -- In addition to the existing talent trees, characters could have the option of improving some of their racial abilities or possibly adding new ones if they invest enough points. It could be hard to balance well, but it would certainly add greater diversity.
  • Guild wars and alliances -- This is something a lot of people would like, and I can see how fun it might be, especially if you two guilds in the same faction could declare war on each other, or if multiple guilds could join together in some way to provide more layers of association. On the other hand it could get too complicated and out of control also.
  • Rest state shown character selection screen -- A simple but handy feature, it would be nice to be able to see at a glance which of your characters has the most rest before choosing which one to level.
  • New class: Runemaster -- I always like to read new class ideas, and this one looks like one of the most unique ones to me. I personally imagine a lightly armored melee caster running around placing runes on friends, enemies, himself, or even on the ground to achieve various purposes and define the flow of the battle. I found several writeups about them that inspire me, as well as a picture of what they might look like.

Looking at the compilation, which do you think are the best suggestions? Also, which common or important suggestions are missing from it? Do you have a suggestion for how to improve the suggestions forum?

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