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Atari lost another $70 million this year


Atari Inc. plans to report a loss of $71.3 million for their fiscal year which ended March 31. This is up from the $69 million loss from the previous fiscal year. Most of the loss is due to some jargon regarding an "impairment of goodwill," relating to a significant erosion of their market capitalization in which Atari lost an extra $54.1 million -- otherwise they would have only lost $17.2 million. In May, Atari cut 20% of their workforce and parent company Infogrames hasn't seen a profit in seven years.

It's kinda sad seeing what Atari has become. Instead of being the granddaddy the industry looks up to, they've become the worthless geriatric that's been locked away in the state-funded old folks home and forgotten. Although, the upside is that Atari actually has some stuff we're looking forward to with Alone in the Dark and The Witcher. We'll find out next week if there is some hope for the future or if we can already begin reporting another $70 million loss for next year.

[Via Gamasutra]

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