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Report: You suck more than your dad


A new study in the UK entitled "The Ampere Strikes Back" (guffaw) has found us trending towards a gluttonous, energy sucking people. Ok, an even more gluttonous, energy sucking people. If we can oversimplify the matter: our desire to use energy undermines our attempts to conserve it. Fortunately, there's no need to feel guilty; put down the remote and point your Cheeto-stained finger in the direction of "the industry." See, those modern flat panels we're forced to buy consume about 3 times the energy required to power granny's old CRT tube. And those fancy DAB radios? Well, they consume more then 4x the power required to drive the ol' Light Programme back in the day. Fortunately, mobile phone chargers have largely ceased their vampiric ways drawing less than 1 watt on average compared to the 3 to 5 watts seen just a few years ago. We'll take their advice to unplug all our gear once the diesel-powered Engadget home robot is up and working again.

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