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iriver's W10 PMP detailed further, runs Windows CE

Darren Murph

iriver's delightful W10 is looking better all the time, as just a fortnight after being showcased on the firm's teaser site, it's now drawing attention to the iriver Europe portal with a rundown of specifications. Arriving in your choice of black or white, this sleek PMP will of course boast 8GB of internal storage space, an integrated WiFi adapter, WiFi positioning system, three-inch WQVGA widescreen display, built-in FM tuner, miniSD expansion slot, and an integrated speaker to boot. The most noticeable bit, however, is that this device will rely on Windows CE beneath the shell to keep things rockin', and even iriver admits that you'll likely see firmware updates down the road to account for future applications and formats. Still no word on price nor availability, but the "coming this year" tagline means launch day is (sort of) in sight.

[Via PlayerBites]

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