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Rumor: Circuit City drops PS3 price by $100 week of July 15


An "employee of Circuit City" dropped this clip in our tip box about an alleged sale for the PlayStation 3. The flyer shows that Circuit City is dropping the price of the PS3 by $100 for the week of July 15. We contacted Sony to ask how they felt about the price drop and they told us, "Circuit City hasn't announced any price drop on PS3, so we have no comment." To be clear, despite the collective game consciousness' longing for a PS3 price drop and its possible announcement at next week's Min-E3 ... this is merely a clip of an alleged flyer which shows a week long sale at Circuit City for the PlayStation 3.

Now, if somebody happened to get their hands on the whole flyer, we'd have something to go back to Sony with. Don't get us wrong, this plot is thick like cheddar soup. Have we seen the price drop of a console, or even a sale, without it being officially sanctioned by the console manufacturer? Nope. Can we verify the validity of this flyer? Nope. Could Circuit City be desperate enough to sell the PS3 console at a loss to themselves just to move product and software? Well, that's the real question, isn't it?

Update: GameDaily reports an anonymous source who is the "merchandising manager at one of the world's biggest retailers" confirmed the price drop is retail-wide and begins July 12. The first wave of flyers are July 15. There's also an ongoing thread regarding the price drop at Cheap Ass Gamer.

Update 2: We now have the full page Circuit City ad found after the break. The tipster goes on to say, "And just to make things clear. This is not just for Circuit City. This will be for all retailers in the US and will be $499 from now on. No store can sell a console for cheaper without the permission from the console's company so no Sony did NOT give Circuit City a special deal to sale the PS3 at this price." [Thanks Se7enwolf]

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