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Xbox 360 Elite to hit Japan in October... for $390

Darren Murph

While many Americans have simply been trying to find the ebony Xbox 360 in stock, Microsoft has been making plans to hold its breath and launch the special edition console in Japan. If you've noticed, Microsoft has had quite the time trying to convince the Japanese to actually give the standard Xbox 360 a shot, but apparently there's hope that (yet another) flashy bundle will drum up business. Of course, the obvious standout here is the launch price, which will drop in at some $89 below what we Americans are forced to pay. Still, the ¥47,800 ($390) sticker shouldn't take anyone by surprise, as Microsoft already introduced the Xbox 360 Core system to this same market for a lesser price than that seen in North America. Anywho, for those interested (and living in Japan), be sure to mark you calendars for October 11th, capiche?

[Via Joystiq]

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