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DIYer hacks iBook into hardbound server

Darren Murph

Not since the epic P-P-P-PowerBook! saga have we seen an Apple laptop wrapped up inside of a hardbound enclosure more suited for literature, but this hack manages to actually provide a hint of utility to those willing to undertake it. Upon receiving an iBook with a non-functioning screen, what better to do than strip the "i" prefix, trim down the inessentials, and wrap it in a hardcover book case in order to create a literal book server? If this sounds like your bag, the journey only requires a partially destroyed iBook, a bit of wiring knowledge, and a gutted book for it to call home. Personally, we'd pony up for a built-in AirPort card so it could serve media whilst parked elegantly beside Of Mice and Men, so be sure and give the read link a visit for the step-by-step if you're scouting new reading material.

[Via MAKE]

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