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Win Cult of Rapture gamer pictures

Dustin Burg

The uber exclusive and Bioshock worshipping Cult of Rapture trusted us enough to giveaway a set of rare Cult of Rapture gamer pictures to one lucky fanboy. These gamer pictures are only available to the most honorable and fanatical of Bioshock fanboys and are not purchasable off the XBLM. Let's just say you'd be the belle of the Bioshock fanboy ball if you sport these gamer pictures.

Anyway, the Cult of Rapture wants us to giveaway the gamer pictures to one worthy Bioshock fan and so, this is how you can win. From now until tonight at 9:00PM eastern, comment on this post telling us exactly why you're worthy of representing the Cult of Rapture and Bioshock. Tonight, we'll randomly choose a winner and send them the code. And, if you're curious, you can preview said gamer pictures over at the Cult of Rapture's website. Only the most hardcore of Bioshock fanboys need apply ... comment away.

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