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Must I lose my felguard?

Amanda Rivera

Arie my lock has been speeding toward the level cap at lightning speed. It really is a joy to play a character that can solo with ease. Ever since level 50 Flaaghun my trusty Felguard has been at my side, my pocket warrior, there to shield me from the baddies. It's been sixteen levels, and he is still a large part of my damage, but I am wondering if I shouldn't try something new.

Arie has been all about the pets ever since I created her. In fact, she's one of the characters that I never respecc'd, because Demonology just seemed to be the tree for me. This might have been because when I started playing WoW she was my first character, and I admit I really didn't have an understanding of Warcraft lore nor of the role warlocks actually play. When I did finally understand the evil underpinnings of my character, I shelved her, until I came to grips with my little blond ball of destruction.

Now that I have justified her origins with her class in my own personal lore, I wonder if I should seek out more power from her and leave my trusty Flaaghun behind. I'm not even sure if I need to, but as I understand it Demonology is largely a defensive class, and the real punch to the dps meter lies elsewhere. I currently have 15 points or so in Affliction, but in order to maximize my damage, do I have to part with my dear friend, or is there somehow a viable Demonology spec that will allow me to keep him and blast things to bits with the darkness in my soul?

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