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Guitar Hero III gets subtitle, cool guitars

Kyle Orland

Since the amazing success of its first two games, the Guitar Hero series has gotten a little subtitle happy. First it was the mouthful of Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the '80s, now Activision has revealed a new subtitle for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.

In addition to the new title, Activision has also released some nice, high-res pictures of the previously announced faux-Gibson guitars that will be used to control the game -- a Les Paul model for the PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 and a Kramer model for the PS2. Note that the fret buttons are now all black with thin colored outlines to maintain a cleaner, less toy-like look on the neck. The wireless guitars will also have removable faceplates to let you customize your rock experience.

The characters in the game will also be rocking out on Gibsons. Check out a list of all the unlockable axes after the jump.

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· ES-335
· Explorer
· Firebird
· SG
· Les Paul
· V-Factor
· Super CES400
· Marauder
· Corvus

· Casino
· Coronet
· Sheraton

· 650
· Vanguard

Bass Guitars
· Marauder
· Corvus
· Les Paul
· LP Double Cutaway
· EDS 1275
· ES335
· Firebird
· Flying V
· Moderne
· SG
· X-Plorer

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